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Normal aging results in alterations in the structure and function of the brain, causing impairment in cognitive function and dependency in performing activities of daily living. A multicomponent physical activity program has been recommended to maintain physical and cognitive function in elderly individuals. The present study aimed at measuring the effect of such an exercise program on the cognitive function and activities of daily living(ADL) function in community dwelling elderly individuals. 52 elderly adults living in the community and ambulating independently were selected purposively and underwent a 10-week multi-component exercise program which included aerobic exercise, strength training, balance exercises and functional training. The participants were assessed using the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) and Barthel Index(BI) at baseline and every two weeks up till 10 weeks. The data obtained was analysed usind descriptive statistics and t-test for finding the effect of the intervention program on the outcome measures. The results showed a significant difference in the pre- to post-intervention scores of both the outcome measures. A multicomponent exercise program was seen to be effective in improving the cognitive function and level of ADL activity in community dwelling elderly individuals. Such an exercise program should be recommended to all elderly adults in order to maintain their cognitive and overall functioning and to improve their productivity.


geriatrics aged community dwelling cognition activities of daily living exercise

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Haripriya S, Dhanesh Kumar K U, Sanjay Eapen Samuel, & Ajith S. (2020). The effect of a multicomponent exercise program on cognitive function and functional ability in community dwelling older adults. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 109-114.