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In the present work, in view of the medicinal properties of vetiver oil (extracted from the roots of Vetiveria zizanioides L.), we made an attempt to encapsulate vetiver oil in a biocompatible polymeric system made of sodium alginate with gellan gum or karaya gum. Sodium alginate and gellan gum or karaya gum were ionotropically cross-linked to encapsulate vetiver oil. Vetiver oil encapsulations in these microcapsules were 35.92 ± 3.18 % to 78.55 ± 3.35%. Vetiver oil encapsulated microcapsules were of spherically shaped with 656-769 µm mean diameter. This vetiver oil encapsulated microcapsules made of alginate-gellan gum blends were found capable of providing a long release of encapsulated oil, showing the potential for the sustained release application. These microcapsules were analyzed by FTIR, DSC, and SEM, etc. In addition, sedative and hypnotic activities of vetiver oil encapsulated polymeric microcapsules in the male Swiss albino mice were evaluated. The sedative-hypnotic activity of vetiver oil encapsulated polymeric microcapsules in rats was observing the number of crossing and motilities. The results proves that vetiver oil encapsulated polymeric microcapsules decreased motility when compared to the control group.



Vetiver oil Alginate Sedative and hypnotics

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Syed Ansar Ali, Amit Kumar Nayak, Kalyan Kumar Sen, & Prabhakar T. (2019). Preparation and characterization of vetiver oil encapsulated polymeric microcapsules for sedative and hypnotic activity. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 3616-3625.