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Breast cancer is a malignant tumor in groups of cancer cells that may develop into (invade) or spread to distant body regions around tissues. In both advanced and developing nations and in many parts of the globe, the burden of breast cancer is rising. It's the most prevalent malicious person illness in females, with 18% of all female cancers and the third most prevalent cause of cancer death globally.  This case-control study was organized to explore the potential role of chosen genetic parameters in the Al-Diwanyia province in random samples of breast cancer patients the research, 5 ml of blood samples from 50 women with post-operative breast cancer attending the outpatient oncology department at Al Diwaniyia Teaching Hospital were employed compared to 50 women without cancer, patient ages and control ranged from 18 to 80 years. Among the three susceptibility genes studied, BRCA In BRCA-1 GG genotype evidently proposed a risk factor for tumor as had an (OR 5.3191) and risk factor (EF 0.065); AG & AA genotypes, on the other hand, played a rather preventive part as they had no risk factor (PF) of 0.0476 & 0.1667 respectively and low OR (0.7619 & 0.7917 respectively) and patients had 16%, and 84% of patients had G and A alleles respectively. The genotype of BRCA-2 AG As had the risk factor (OR 13.4146) and the risk factor (EF 0.1851), the AA genotype, on the other hand, did not have a risk factor role since it had a protective fraction (PF) of 0.9103 and a low OR (0.0731). Patients have 10% of G and 90% of A alleles compared to 100% of A only. In the P53 CC genotype, tumor etiology has evidently been proposed, as was the case with (OR 1.2941) and risk factor (EF 0.091). The GC genotype, on the other hand, did not have a risk factor as it had (PF) of 0.087 and low OR (0.4565) and patients had 56 percent of G allele and 44 percent of C allele compared to 52 percent of G and 48 percent of C control.


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Aws Rassul hussain Al-salin, Hammadi Al-Hilaly, & Rawaa Magid. (2019). Molecular study of BRCA-1,2 and P53 gene polymorphisms among post-operative breast cancer patients. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 3570-3577.