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Mammary gland self-observation is still suggested as a universal reach. Mammary gland health awareness permits for early disclosure of any malformation. Mammary gland self-observation proceed to be suggested by physical protection practitioner because it is free of cost, easy, require small mechanics and teaching is workable. In the current review, a descriptive research design was handed down to execute the objectives of the study. The review was organized in Mappedu rural village. In the current review, the representative consists of 100 women. Self-design questions on knowledge about mammary gland self-observation have developed to learn the representative. Detailed and a prior census have being to examine the statistics.5(5%) women experiences adequate learning regarding mammary gland self-observation. 59(59%) women experience moderate learning regarding mammary gland self-observation. 36(36%) women experiences inadequate learning regarding mammary gland self-observation. This research shows that the organized education on awareness programme was successfully expanded the knowledge of women in Mappedu regarding mammary gland self-observation.


Breast self-examination (BSE) Awareness Programme Mammary Gland Self-Observation Women

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Bhuvaneshwari G, Vidhya G, Yasmin banu, Jothimeena, & Kalaiselvan. (2019). A study to assess the benefits of awareness programme on mammary gland self-observation to women residing at mappedu. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(4), 2682-2686.