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Maltodextrin was used as a carrier for the preparation of letrozole proniosomes. Slurry method was applied for the preparation with various ratios of cholesterol and surfactant. FTIR analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), angle of repose, encapsulation efficiency, and in vitro release of drug release were performed for prepared proniosomes. Stability study for the best proniosome formulation was carried out to determine the drug leaching during storage. Surface of carrier coated by surfactant has confirmed by SEM analysis. Entrapment Efficiency of LS207 was higher among the all 10 formulations. Formulation which contained molar ratio of 0.4:0.6 (span20:cholesterol) gave maximum encapsulation efficiency of 76.32 ±0.93% and the maximum drug release of 99.34% as compared to other compositions. Kinetic release study shown that optimized formulation LS207 exhibited zero order release& super case II transport diffusion based on the peppa’s plot release exponent value. At refrigerator condition optimized proniosome formulation was appropriately stable over a period of three months.


Malto dextrin Span20 Slurry method encapsulation efficiency

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Bhama S, & Sambath kumar R. (2015). Development and evaluation of letrozole loaded proniosomes as drug delivery system. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 6(4), 363-368. Retrieved from