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The present study reveals the formulation and evaluation method of Glimepiride loaded liposomes. Glimepiride, a third generation sulfonylureas class drug, for treatment of type 2 diabetes was selected. Rotary film evaporator was employed for the formulation of liposomes by using thin film hydration method. The liposomal formulations of Glimepiride were prepared by using phosphotidyl choline (lecithin) and cholesterol. The prepared liposomal formulations were evaluated for different parameters including refractive index and pH measurement. By the FT-IR and DSC studies revealed that the raw materials used for preparation of liposomes were showing no interaction with the drug Glimepiride. The remarkable variations in the results revealed the dependence on ratio of lecithin to cholesterol. The drug releases at a targeted side can be achieved via liposomes followed by diffusion mechanism.


Antidiabetic Drug entrapment efficiency Glimepiride In-vitro release studies Liposomal formulations Refractive index Thin film hydration method

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