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The use of natural herbal products for the prevention and treatment of different pathologies is continuously expanding throughout the world. This is particularly true with regards to flavonoids, which represent a variety of class of secondary metabolites with potentially beneficial to human health effects. The genus Tephrosia is rich in certain flavonoids and contributing in greater extent for promising biological activities. In the current research potency of methanolic extract of Tephrosia calophylla roots was tested for hypoglycaemic and immuno-modulatory activities. The prepared plant material was successively extracted with the solvents like petroleum ether, chloroform and methanol. According to the obtained yield percentage and the results of preliminary phyto-chemical screening, the methanol extract was selected for our current research. The results of acute toxicity study on TCR extract has shown that the methanol extract was safer to be use against animal models at appropriate doses as per OECD guide lines. The experimental studies of TCR extract on animal models (albino rats) have shown that, the TCR extract was an effective hypo glycaemic agent at the dose of 500mg/kg body weight in contrast to the control Dexamethasone. (Dexamethasone induced diabetes), various lipid profile test parameters were performed by treating the albino rats with Dexamethasone and two different doses of TCR extract .Various Blood profile tests (Hematological) parameters were performed by treating the albino rats with Dexamethasone and two different doses of TCR extract. The activity of the extracts increased with increasing concentrations. These substances have been described to possess various pharmacological properties such as immune stimulant, hypolipidimic and tonic, neuro-stimulant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory activities.      


Tephrosia calophylla root extract Hypo-glycaemic activity lipid profile tests Haematological studies

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Adinarayana K, Mahesh kumar K, Dwaraka mai P, Charuseela P, & Rekha J. (2015). Hypo glycemic and immuno-modulatory activity of Tephrosia calophylla root extract . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 6(4), 325-322. Retrieved from