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Objective: To evaluate the physico-chemical parameters as well as to investigate the active principle constituent through preliminary phytochemical screening. Methods: Walsura piscidia Roxb was collected and about 200g of the powdered material was subjected to Soxhlation. Later the extract was tested for the presence of various chemical constituents according to standard procedures. Results: The results of physico-chemical parameters like Ash value, extractive value, florescence analysis and preliminary phytochemical screening were shown significant results. Conclusion:  The present study concluded that the physic-chemical parameter and preliminary phytochemical screening helpful to obtaining a quality, purity and sample identification.               


walsura pisidia roxb phytochemical studies Physico-chemical parameters Fluorescence analysis

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Sarath Chandiran I, Chandra Sekhar K.B, & Deepak Kumar. (2015). Evaluation of physico-chemical and preliminary phytochemical screening of walsura piscidia roxb . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 6(4), 321-324. Retrieved from