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The present study investigates the Isolation and insilico evaluation of Artemisinin from ethanolic extract of Artemisia indica Willd for antidiarrhoeal activity is a medicinal plant which has been valued for centuries in ayurvedic medicine. Phyto-chemical screening of Artemisia indica plant extracts revealed the presence of various active constituents such as alkaloids, flavonoids, flavanones, Carbohydrates, steroids and terpenoids. Since terpenoids have remarkable anti-diarrhoeal activity, our present work aims at evaluating the anti-diarrhoeal activity of Artemisinin which is a sesquiterpenoid lactone isolated from Artemisia indica by thin layer chromatography and evaluated by docking studies. The results of our studies suggests that artemisinin showed more anti-diarrhoeal activity than the standard drug loperamide when binded with the µ opioid receptors. Therefore our results support the use of artemisinin in treating diarrhoea in animal studies. We hope it might become a good antidiarrhoeal drug in future.


Artemisia indica Artemisinin Antidiarrhoeal studies docking studies Loperamide Sesquiterpenoid lactone.

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Rajani V, Varalakshmi devi K, Swaroopa rani K, Jyotsna rani D, Nagababu S, Kalyani N, Lakshmi Priya G, & Manasa R. (2015). Isolation and Insilico evaluation of artemisinin from ethanolic extract of Artemisia indica willd for antidiarrhoeal activity . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 6(3), 291-295. Retrieved from