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Vibrio alginolyticus 1374; GU726873 is a gram negative rod shaped marine bacteria isolated from chirala beach of Andhra Pradesh. It was screened and confirmed for the enzyme production and used for the present study. Solid state fermentation was carried out for the production of l-arginine deiminase by Vibrio alginolyticus 1374; GU726873 using different natural substrates including wheat bran, rice bran, maize bran, ragi powder, black gram and red gram as solid substrates. L-arginine deiminase has received significant attention in recent years owing to its potential applications in medicine as an anticancer agent and as a biosensor. Maximum production was noticed with wheat as a solid substrate at pH 8, 37°C, with 2% inoculums, 2% l-arginine concentration, 2% maltose, 2% soya bean meal and 120 h of incubation period. Both physico-chemical and nutritional parameters played a significant role in the production of the enzyme.


ADI- L-Arginine deiminase Vibrio alginolyticus 1374 GU726873 MAM- minimal arginine media SSF- solid state fermentation.

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Rahamat unissa, Sudhakar M, & Sunil kumar reddy A. (2015). Investigation on the production of an anticancer enzyme from vibrio alginolyticus strain under solid state fermentation using various natural substrates. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 6(3), 279-284. Retrieved from