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Levamisol is an anthelmintic drug that expel parasitic worms and other internal parasites from the body. The present investigation was to formulate and evaluate Levamisol oral dispersible tablets are prepared by direct compression technique using different super disintegrants such as Crosscarmellose sodium, Cross povidone, Sodium starch glycolate. Evaluation was performed according to the pharmacopoeial standards including drug excipient compatibility determined by FTIR study to identify the interaction between the drug and excipient, all the prepared formulations were evaluated for various pre-compressional parameters such as angle of repose, bulk and tapped dendsity, hausners ratio and the prepared tablets are evaluated for various physico chemical parameters weight variation, thickness, hardness, friability, disintegration, wetting time, in-vitro drug dissolution study. The best results were shown in F3 formulation containing the Levamisol 8% and Crosscarmellose sodium 2%. In comparison of in-vitro drug dissolution studies for all developed formulations, F3 formulation releases 95-100% of drug at the end of 5min and was considered as best formulation.


Crosscarmellose sodium direct compression levomisol sodium starch glycolate

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Praveen N, Ramesh Y, Gnanaprakash K, Gobinath M, Mahesh N, & Monica A. (2015). Formulation and evaluation of levamisole oral dispersible tablets . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 6(3), 256-261. Retrieved from