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Medicinal plants have more useful effects than their synthetic counterparts as being safer, acceptable, affordable, culturally compatible and suitable for chronic treatments such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, sickle-cell anemia, diabetes and Hypertension. The scope of herbal drugs and the increasing demand especially in the cases of diseases like diabetes, liver, hypertension, cancer, renal diseases, inflammation, infectious diseases, arthritis and skin diseases and keeping in mind the adverse effects of allopathic drugs, the standardization methods of medicinal plants and their extracts have a great importance in the fields of cosmetics and neutraceuticals, which are emerging as two most important segments prominently in the global markets, the Establishment of Pharmacognostical standards has been done for leaves of the plant Passiflora foetida Linn.


Anomocytic Glandular Xylem Pholem Calcium Oxalate

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Rama Chandra Reddy Linga, Dhachinamoorthi D, Chandrasekhar KB, & Chellaram S. (2014). Pharmacognostical studies on leaves of Passiflora foetida linn . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 5(1), 59-63. Retrieved from