Published: Sep 12, 2020

Assessment of various treatment modalities for isolated gingival recession defect- A retrospective study

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Assessment of epidemiology of oral malignancies - An institution based Retrospective study

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An Analysis into Chief Complaint and Dental Status in Patients Indicated for Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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Association between smoking and obstructive sleep apnea in adult and aged male population – A survey based study

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Analysis of types of tracing in biofunctional prosthetic system using intra oral tracers - A retrospective study

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Association between rheumatoid arthritis with gender, age, obesity and smoking among middle aged and old aged population - A Survey

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Rosehip Neuron - A Review

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Awareness of Precision Medicine Among Medical Students

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Root canal sealers in dental practice

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Correlation of age and gender with the site of occurrence of oral squamous cell carcinoma

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A comparative Cross-Sectional study of Two Aesthetic Restorative options for class III caries in primary Anterior Teeth

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Knowledge of Antibiotic Prescription Habit among Dental Students

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Prevalence Of Removable Functional Appliance Usage In The Management Of Class II Malocclusion

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Association between geographic location and periodontitis

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Association between osteoarthritis of knee joint with gender, diabetes and work related diseases in middle aged and old aged population - A survey

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Association Between Type of Tooth and Number of Walls Present in Teeth Undergoing FRC Post - An Institution Based Retrospective Study

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Association of Rheumatoid Arthritis with Dental Health - A Mini Review

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Association of Tobacco Habits With Severity of Gingivitis Among 18-35-Year-Old's Attending A Private Dental College In Chennai - A Retrospective Study

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Awareness of Silver Nanoparticles and its Biomedical Applications among Undergraduate Dental and Medical Students - A Survey

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Awareness on the Risk factors of Atherosclerosis among adults

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Cancer Stem Cells-Role in Oral Squamous Carcinoma - A Review of Literature

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Clinical Spectrum of Angiomatous Granuloma and Inflammatory Fibrous Hyperplasia- A Retrospective Study

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Common Irrigants used by Pediatric Dentists for Permanent molar root canal therapy

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Comparative analysis of various obturation techniques in mandibular molars: A retrospective clinical outcome study

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Comparative Evaluation of The Type of Sealer Used For Obturation of Single Visit Root Canal Treated Maxillary and Mandibular Posterior Teeth- A Retrospective Analysis

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Comparison of group function occlusion and canine guided occlusion among partially edentulous patient – A retrospective study

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Effectiveness Of Curcumin In Oral Diseases: An Update

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Evaluation of Carious Primary Teeth that Causes Swelling In Children Visiting a Private Dental Institute - An Observational Study

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Evaluation of possible reasons for not opting for fixed dental prosthesis: Patient and Practitioner Perspective

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Eyesight problems in adolescent population: is it genetic or lifestyle or both - A survey-based analysis

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Fixed Partial Dentures vs Implants in Replacement of Single Missing Tooth in University Hospital Setting - A Retrospective Study

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Frequency, distribution and obturation technique of root canal retreatment among patients attending a teaching dental hospital in Chennai - A retrospective study

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Functional modifications of denture base resin - A review

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Gender variation in the prevalence of class III dental caries in mesial and distal aspects of teeth: A hospital based retrospective study

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Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders-A Review

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Incidence of Temporomandibular Disorders in Patients in a University Hospital Setting

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Influence of Gender in Selecting Fixed and Removable Prosthesis

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Ketamine derived Nasal Spray for Depression - A review

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Knowledge and awareness about airborne pathogens and its prevention among the general public

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Association between overuse of Social Media with Mental and Physical Health-Is sitting the New Smoking

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Genetic Architecture of Grey Matter - A Review

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Knowledge and awareness of ozone therapy among dental professionals

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Malocclusion in Children with and without Cleft Palate - A case - Control Study

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Management of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children and Treatment

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Miniplate Removal in Mandibular Trauma Patients - A Single Institution Retrospective Study

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Neurolink - A Review

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Knowledge and Awareness Regarding Protocol After Needle Stick Injury among Medical Students

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Association of age with dental plaque score- A record based analysis

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Association of age and sex of patients undergoing class 2 amalgam restoration in mandibular premolars

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Primary stability achieved during implant surgery and bone loss at recovery in patients of a private dental institution — A retrospective analysis

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Trends of Implant Placement in Relation to Crestal Bone Level in a Private Dental Institute

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Incidence of Bilateral Cleft Lip And Palate In A University Hospital Setting-A Retrospective Study

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One-piece Lefort osteotomy versus segmental procedure for maxillary skeletal deformities - A retrospective study

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Association of Age and Gender distribution in Patients undergoing Onlay Restoration

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High Frenal Attachment - As a risk Factor of Midline Diastema

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Analysis of Patients with Skeletal Malocclusion Undergoing Orthognathic Surgery Along with Fixed Orthodontics in a Dental Hospital Setup

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Association of tobacco dependence and oral hygiene status

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Prevalence of smoker’s palate and smoker’s melanosis among patients visiting a private dental college

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Association between deleterious oral habits and its effect on dentition among 5-15 years children

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Prevalence and associated factors for mandibular Premolar impaction in various malocclusions

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Correlation between Age, Gender and Habits among Children - A Retrospective Study

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Relationship Between TMJ Disorders and Malocclusion

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Smart restorative materials used in dentistry - A review

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Incidence of oral white lesions in patients attending a private dental hospital

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Association Between Cervical Abrasion and Age and Its Influence on Gender - A Retrospective Study

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Pulpectomy in Maxillary First Molars With Distal Caries

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Prevalence Of Mandibular Third Molar Pericoronitis Among Smokers And Evaluation Of Its Treatment Outcomes - A Retrospective Study

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Affordability versus willingness for dental treatment - A survey

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Self etch adhesives - An update

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Radiographic evaluation of permanent second molar development based on nollas stage of tooth development in 9-11-year-old male children

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Alcoholism among Dental Students

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Gut Brain Interaction - A Review

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Knowledge and awareness about high temperature increase the cardiovascular mortality rate

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Knowledge and awareness of mercury disposal among health care providers

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Knowledge and Attitude of UG Dental Students about Nanotechnology in Dentistry

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Knowledge, Awareness, Prevalence and Frequency of Daily Physical Activity and Its Association with Stroke in Young Adult Population

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Knowledge and Awareness of Mercury Spill Management Among Dental Students

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Knowledge, prevalence and risk factors of rheumatoid arthritis among middle-aged and old aged population

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Awareness about Intrathecal Drug Administration among Dental students

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Awareness on the medical facility available in the management of oral cancer among the residents of the Dharmapuri district

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Awareness about low back pain among Dentists

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Awareness About Medical Applications Of Ql-47 Among Dental Students

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Awareness on the wound healing effects of curcumin therapy among dental students

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Knowledge and awareness on hand washing technique and hand hygiene on health care providers

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Age and gender based distribution of Edentulous Ridges based on Siebert’s Classification among FPD patients - A retrospective study

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Analysis of Resective Osseous Surgical Procedures - A Retrospective Hospital Based Study

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Association between Gender and Prevalence of Pit and Fissure Caries among Patients Visiting Private Dental College - A Retrospective study

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Association between osteoporosis and gender, age, hypothyroidism, sex hormones among the middle-aged and old-aged population - A survey-based analysis

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Association between Tobacco Dependence and Tooth Loss among Patient Visiting Private Dental College And Hospital-A Cross-Sectional Study

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Association of work related risk factors on the development of the neck and upper extremity pain among adult and middle aged population - A survey based analysis

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Awareness of Asperger’s syndrome among College Students

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Awareness of Use of Implant Coated with Nanoparticles with Antimicrobial Properties

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Awareness on Applications of Potodynamic Therapy in Dentistry Among Undergraduate Dental Students - A Questionnaire Survey

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Awareness on Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Working Women - A Questionnaire Survey

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Awareness On Risks Of Sedentary Lifestyle Among College Students

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Comparison Of Angular And Linear Mandibular Measurements Done Using Orthopantomogram And Lateral Cephalogram In Class I Subjects With Vertical Growth Pattern

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Comparison of incidence of dental caries in the mandibular first molar in teenagers versus adults

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Association Between Shoulder Osteoarthritis with Age, Exercise and Work Related Damage Among Middle Aged and Old Aged Population - A survey Based Analysis

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Association of Snoring and Cardiovascular Symptoms - A Survey

653-658 Malavika Pradeep, Sridevi G, Kavitha S

Engine Of Consciousness In Brain - A Review

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Evaluation of Short Term and Working Memory Status in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

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Effect of decreased haemoglobin concentration on audio visual reaction time

674-678 Amrithaashri S, Sridevi G, Archana Santhanam

Frequency and Distribution of Mandibular Teeth Treated by Single Visit RCT and Multi Visit RCT in an Indian Population- A Retrospective Study

679-685 Mulumoodi Rama Sowmya, Raghu Sandhya, Adimalupu Hima Sandeep

Influence of circadian rhythm on individual differences in morningness-eveningness scale among normal healthy subjects

686-693 Akifa Begum, Sridevi G

Knowledge and Awareness on Air Pollution as A Risk Factor for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia- A Survey

694-699 Hemaahini Tamilmani, Gayathri Devi R, Gayathri R

Multidisciplinary Approach In Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatments In University Based Setting- A Retrospective Study

700-704 Ashwin Shravan Kumar M, Revathi Duraisamy

Knowledge, attitude and practice of biomedical waste management among undergraduate dental students of a private dental institution in Chennai

705-711 Deeksheetha P, Sri Sakthi, Nashra Kareem

An assessment of various factors in patients who underwent full mouth rehabilitation in a university hospital set up

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Gingival health status in patients with and without anterior open bite: A case-control study

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Prevalence of dental caries in patients with type II diabetes mellitus

724-728 Sahil Choudhari, Deepika Rajendran, Jaiganesh Ramamurthy

Knowledge and attitude on the effects of dermatoglyphics among dental students

729-735 Praneeksha, Keerthi Sasanka, Gayatri Devi R, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Assessment of Knowledge about Lefort I Fracture Among Dental Students

736-739 Pravinya, Dhanraj Ganapathy, Subhashree Rohinikumar

Awareness about Anti-microbial Applications of Ocimum sanctum Herb

740-743 Nithyanandham Masilamani, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Knowledge, attitude and practise of usage of MTA and bio dentine as direct pulp capping agents - A questionnaire study

744-756 Sudarsan R, Balaji Ganesh S, Anjaneyulu K

Awareness about antioxidant activities of chlorogenic acid among dental students

757-759 Nithyanandham Masilamani, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Assessing the mastery of local anesthesia by students by evaluating the amount used for single tooth extraction

760-764 Balaji V, Mahathi, Sreedevi Dharman

Association between increasing age, obesity and heredity with osteoarthritis of knee joint among middle aged and old aged population

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Awareness Of Risk Factors Associated With Obesity Among Homemakers

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Awareness about harmful effects of aerosol contamination among dental students

786-789 Nithyanandham Masilamani, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Awareness About Medicinal Uses of Costus Pictus Plant Among Dental Students

790-793 Saivarshine, Dhanraj Ganapathy, Keerthi Sasanka

Knowledge and Awareness about Right Brain Thinkers Among Undergraduate Students A Survey

794-801 Pravalika, Gayatri Devi R, Gifrina Jayaraj

Knowledge and Awareness of Precision Attachments among Dental Students

802-805 Rushabh Kamdhar, Subhashree Rohinikumar, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Awareness about ELISA technique among dental students

806-810 Nithyanandham Masilamani, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Knowledge among Dentists about the usage of Opioid analgesics in Dental Practice

811-816 Ashik Ahamed, Subhashree Rohinikumar, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Knowledge and awareness of breast cancer among working women

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Knowledge and awareness of cardiovascular risk factors among young adults

824-830 Roshan A, Kavitha S, Sridevi G, Vishnu Priya V, Gayathri R

Medical Emergency in Dental Clinic - An update

831-839 Aksha sharen Arul Edwin, Lakshmi T, Karthik Ganesh Mohanraj

Awareness on usage of iodized salt and its treatment effect among dental students

840-842 Praneeksha Ravichandran, Dhanraj Ganapathy, Keerthi Sasanka

Effect of Wet Field on the DE Torque Values of Abutment Screws

843-846 Pravinya Sam, Suresh Venugopalan, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Prevalence of midline diastema and its correlation with high Frenal attachment

847-851 Shivanni S S, Sumathi Felicita A, Balakrishna R N

Herbal remedies in the management of atherosclerosis and hypertension

852-855 Nithyanandham Masilamani, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Awareness on rabies among dental students

856-860 Subaraman, Dhanraj Ganapathy, Keerthi Sasanka

Preference of technique for measurement of width of attached gingiva in abutment teeth for fixed dental prosthesis -A retrospective study

861-865 Neppala Gowtham, Nabeel Ahmed

Awareness on harmful effects of smoking in middle school children

866-869 Nithyanandham Masilamani, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Awareness on nootropic herbs among dental students Herbal nootropic agents

870-873 Denesh Raj, Nithyanandham Masilamani, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Awareness on oral hygiene practices among rural primary school teachers

874-877 Nithyanandham Masilamani, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Association of age and gender distribution of patients undergoing class 2 amalgam restorations in maxillary premolars

878-883 Vaishnavi Sivakali Subramanian, Pradeep S, Aravind Kumar S

Knowledge and awareness about indigenous knowledge system in dental practice - A survey

884-891 Hariprasath T K, Lakshmi T, Gayatri Devi R

Awareness About Oral Cancer Among Dental Students

892-895 Nishanthi R, Ashok Velayudhan, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Awareness about primary teeth and their care among General Dentists - A Survey

896-900 Samrithi Yuvaraj, Dhanraj Ganapathy

A Retrospective Analysis of The Correlation Between the Type of Pulp Exposure and The Choice of Pulp Capping Agents

901-906 Vignesh S, Iffat Nasim, Arvina Rajasekar

Awareness on disposal of liquid waste in dentistry among dental students

907-910 Kaviyaselvi Gurumurthy, Dhanraj Ganapathy, Keerthi Sasanka

Awareness of Vinca alkaloids among dental students

911-914 Nithyanandham Masilamani, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Assessment of factors affecting parent’s preference of general anesthesia for performing pedodontic procedures in a university hospital set up

915-922 Geethika B, Jessy, Manjari

Awareness of Medicinal Applications of Rice Bran Oil among Dental Students

923-926 Nithyanandham Masilamani, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Awareness of Medicinal Applications of Piper nigrum among Dental Students

927-930 Nithyanandham Masilamani, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Prevalence of TMD in patients visiting private dental institution - A retrospective study

931-936 John Rozar Raj, Uma Maheswari, Nivedhitha M S

Awareness of Medical Applications of Gingko Biloba Among Dental Students

937-941 Nithyanandham Masilamani, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Awareness of interferon therapy among dental students

942-945 Nithyanandham Masilamani, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Preference of patient opting for implant vs FPD

946-951 Pavithra H Dave, Rakshagan V, Mahesh Ramakrishnan

Awareness Of Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease Among Dental Students

952-955 Nithyanandham Masilamani, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Awareness of herpetic neuritis among dental practitioners

956-961 Aparna M, Dhanraj Ganapathy, Subhashree Rohinikumar

Awareness about Regenerative Therapy with of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) among Dental Students

962-966 Nithyanandham Masilamani, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Knowledge and Practice towards Management of Space Infections among Dental Practitioners

967-971 Ahmed Hilal Sheriff, Dhanraj Ganapathy, Subhashree Rohinikumar

A Concise Review on Targeted Therapy for Oral Cancer

84-90 Thariny E, Ezhilarasan D, Brundha M P

Marginal Leakage Around Fixed Dental Prosthesis - A review

319-323 Ritya Mary Jibu, Keerthi Sasanka, Geetha V R

Applications of green tea in dentistry

392-395 Reethega L, Balaji Ganesh S, Geetha R V

Engineered Cell Based Therapeutics

780-785 Joseph George Kallivayalil, Kavitha S, Vishnupriya V, Gayathri R