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The present study aimed to clarify the effect of nano silica particles on the larval and the virgin activity of Anopheles spp. The results of this study showed that the highest mortality rate for the larvae was the larvae of the first stage where it reached 100% at 30 mg/ml concentration, while the second, third and fourth stages were 79.30, 71.98 and 68.21 respectively at the same concentration while the less mortality rate was (52.07) for the fourth stage larvae at 5 mg /ml concentration. For the virgins, the lowest loss was 5 mg/ml (57.34). The highest mortality rate was 100% at 30 mg/ml.


Nano silica particles Anopheles spp Larvae

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Ikhlas Abbas Marhoon, & Esraa Fadel Wathah. (2019). Used of nano silica particles to elimination larvae and virgins of mosquitoes Anopheles spp. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(1), 561-563. Retrieved from