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The aim of present study was to examine the suitability of acacia catechu gum as a binder in tablet formulation. Tablets were prepared by using acacia catechu gum as a binder and diclofenac sodium as model drug. Concentration of binder was varied from 2 to 12% w/w in tablet formulation and was compared with starch paste (10% w/v) as a standard binder. The granules and tablets were evaluated for: angle of repose, bulk and taped density, compressibility index % fine, friability, hardness, disintegrating time, maximum drug release and dissolution time. Granules sowed good flow characteristics. However concentration of binder affects the flow characteristics. It also increased the disintegration time and dissolution time. Friability was decreased wit increased concentration of gum. Nevertheless it could be a good candidate for evaluation as a binder or hydrophilic polymer in sustained release tablet formulation.


Binder acacia catechu natural gum diclofenac granules tablet

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Tekade Bharat W, Chaudhari Yogita A, & Patil Vijay R. (2011). Evaluation of acacia catechu gum as a binder in tablet formulations. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2(4), 616-620. Retrieved from