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Ginkgo biloba (GB), is known for its antidepressant effect. In the present study we investigated Ginkgo biloba gold nanoparticles (Nanoginkgoba -GBGNPs) protective role against restraint stress-induced behavioral and biochemical alterations in mice. Animals were immobilized for a period of 6 hrs/ day. Ginkgo biloba Extract (GBE) (100 mg/kg), Nanoginkgoba (10 mg/kg) were administered 30 minutes before the animals were subjecting to acute immobilized stress. Behavioral test parameters for anxiety, spatial memory were assessed followed by biochemical parameters (lipid per oxidation, super oxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione per oxidase, reduced glutathione) subsequently. The Behavior study showed severe anxiety and memory loss compared to unstressed animals. Biochemical analyses revealed an increase in lipid per oxidation, depletion of super oxide dismutase, reduced glutathione , catalase activity and glutathione per oxidase as compared to unstressed animal. Twenty one days Ginkgo biloba Extract and Nanoginkgoba treatment in a dose of 100 mg/kg and 10mg/kg significantly attenuated restraint stress-induced behavioral and oxidative damage. In conclusion Nanoginkgoba prove the modest activity than the Ginkgo biloba Extract.


Ginkgo biloba Nanoginkgoba goldnanoparticles T-maze; stress

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Desikan Jaya prakash, Subramanian Arulkumar, & Muthukumaran Sabesan. (2010). Behavior and Biochemical changes of nanoginkgoba (Ginkgo biloba gold nano-particles) on restraint stress-induced male albino mice. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 1(4), 533-538. Retrieved from