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Crude extracts of leaves of Annona Reticulata (Annonaceae) were evaluated for in vitro anthelmintic activity on the Indian adult earthworms Eisinia fetida. The leaves extracts of Annona Reticulata had shown a dose dependant inhibition of spontaneous motility (Paralysis) of earthworms. It has been observed that methanolic extract (100 mg/ml) has shown anthelmintic activity, which was compared with Albendazole as reference drug. Therefore the leaves could be categorized under anthelmintic herbal drugs and could become a potent key ingredient of such herbal formulation.


Anthelmintic activity Annona Reticulata Eisinia fetida Custard apple

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Sonal Bhale, Trupti Tuse, & Ganesh Jadhav. (2011). In vitro anthelmintic activity of Annona Reticulata leaves extract against Eisinia fetida. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2(4), , 569-570. Retrieved from