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Avocado is one of the common fruits in the state of Mizoram, India. Though the fruit is loaded with various nutrients, leaves are highly toxic to rabbits. Dead male Chinchilla rabbits (2 months old) died due to ingestion of avocado leaves was the subject of the present study. On post-mortem examination, pathological changes like severe congestion and petechiation of liver, infarction of kidney and congestion of myocardium were observed. Histopathological changes include hepatic degeneration with severe congestion, degeneration of kidney tubular epithelial cells with congestion in the interstitium and degeneration and fragmentation of myocardial cells.


Persea americana leaves poisoning rabbits histopathological changes

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W. Ramdas Singh, Tridib K. Rajkhowa, KH. Victoria Chanu, M. Ayub Ali, C. Lalmuanthanga, Pritam Mohan, & M. A. Ayub Shah. (2010). Histopathological changes caused by accidental avocado leaves toxicity in rabbits. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 1(4), 517-520. Retrieved from