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In this present a new series of amides from 4, 5 di benzoic acid oxazole, 4-benzoic acid -5- phenyl oxazole, 2-methyl 4,5 – di benzoic acid oxazole, 2-methyl-4 benzoic acid- 5-phenyl oxazole, 2-benzyl – 4.5 – di benzoic acid oxazole with aniline. The structures of the synthesized compounds were determined by their infra-red, H- nuclear magnetic resonance and analysis elemental analysis spectral data and were tested for their antibacterial activity. The newly amides characterized by spectral IR table (2) spectral shown disappearance pf – COOH at 3500 cm and NH2 3320-3410 cm Absorption band in the other new derivative at (1770-1760) cm-1 to –C-NH) group of new amides because of mesomeric effect and characterized by C-H-N and H NMR. In this study of the effect of the prepared compound in the two types of bacteria isolated from a medical condition (human) and it has studied and diagnosed and proved their attributes. It has identified its resistance of different antibiotic that is also carried out the development operations and increased the numbers of these bacteria in temperature (37°C).


Aniline Antibacterial activity Oxazole Carboxylic ac Thionyl Chloride

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Moayd N. Mohammed, Teeba Ibraheem Mohammed, & Abbas A. Shalan Al-Saidi. (2019). Synthesis and biological evaluation of some amides compound derivative of oxazole carboxylic acids. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(1), 537-539. Retrieved from