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This paper describes the analytical method suitable for validation of Telmisartan by UV Spectrophotometric method. The method utilized UV spectroscopy (Shimadzu, model 1700).The solvent system was consists of Methanol: water in the ratio of 90:10 at wave length (λmax) 298 nm. Validation experiments were performed to demonstrate System suitability, Specificity, Precision, Linearity, Accuracy Interday assay, intraday assay, robustness, ruggedness, LOD, &LOQ. The method was linear over the concentration range of 5-45 mg/ml. The method was showed good recoveries (98.04- 101.04%) and the recovery studies were carried out by adding different amounts (80%, 100% & 120%) of bulk samples of Telmisartan. The Proposed method was simple, sensitive &reliable with good Precise, Accurate, and Reproducible and rapid for the determination of Telmisartan. While estimating the commercial formulation without interference of excipients & other additives hence this method can be used for routine determination of Telmisartan in bulk and their pharmaceutical dosage forms.


Analytical Method Telmisartan UV Spectroscopy Validation

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Kishanta Kumar Pradhan, Uma Shankar Mishra, Aurobindo Sahoo, Kanhu Charana Sahu, Debananda Mishra, & Ranjit Dash. (2011). Method development and validation of telmisartan in bulk and pharmaceuti-cal dosage forms by UV spectrophotometric method. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2(4), 526-530. Retrieved from

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