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The current study was conducted in the Department of Biological Sciences / Faculty of Science / University of Al- Qadisiyah and in collaboration with the Genetic Diseases of the blood center in the city of Diwaniya for the period from (1/12/2017) until 1/6/2018, 30 male samples were taken and aged between 20 and 45 years were divided into two groups The first included 20 samples of males with thalassemia the second group consisted of (10) samples non-infected male representing the control group. (5ml) was withdrawn for the purpose of examining blood parameters and level (Ferritin) as well as measuring the level of male sex hormones Lh and Fsh for both the patient group and control. The results showed a significant decrease of p <0.05 for all blood and hormone parameters for the group of patients compared with the control group, with a significant increase in the level of iron stock for patients compared to control group.


Hormonal Thalassemia Genetic Diseases Ferritin

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