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Bioadhesive formulations have a wide scope of application for both systemic and local effects of the drug. The oral transmucosal drug delivery bypasses liver and avoids pre-systemic elimination. Carvedilol (Dose-3.125-25 mg) is β-adrenergic antagonist. Its oral bioavailability is 25-35% because of first pass metabolism. FTIR method revealed no interaction between carvedilol and polymers. Carvedilol patches were prepared using HPMC K15 and Carbopol 940.The patches were evaluated for their thickness, folding endurance, weight and content uniformity, swelling behaviour, mucoadhesive strength and surface pH. In vitro release studies were conducted for carvedilol-loaded patches in phosphate buffer (pH, 6.8) solution. The patches exhibited drug release in the range of 77.05 to 97.20% in 8 hours. Data of in vitro release from patches were fitted into kinetic models (Higuchi and Korsmeyer-Peppas models) to explain release profiles. The optimized formulation (patch V) showed first order release followed by zero order.


Carvedilol buccal patches in vitro release evaluation

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Arpita Choudhary, Gulab Tiwari, Manisha Pandey, Koshy M. Kymonil, & Shubhini A.Saraf. (2010). Formulation and characterization of carvedilol buccal mucoadhesive patches. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 1(4), 396-401. Retrieved from