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Chronobiology is the technical study of biologic rhythms and their fundamental mechanisms. Chronotherapeutics is defined as a treatment system where the in vivo drug availability has been timed in accordance to cyclic rhythms of drug related biological phenomena to create maximum benefit minimizing harm. A highly significant circadian variation was observed with many adverse cardiovascular events in human body. The increased frequency of cardiovascular events in the early morning is related to factors that activate increased myocardial oxygen demand and also in chorus to reduction of oxygen supply. Blood pressure is not steady over a 24-hour period and also it is fluctuating according to a circadian pattern. There is a high increase in incidence of mortality cases with cardiovascular events these days. Now a days, new chronotherapeutic antihypertensive products proving their success with decrease in mortality with cardiovascular events.


Chronotherapeutics Chronobiology cardiovascular events antihypertensive agents

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