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Autism is one of pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), mentioned to a significant disturbance in communication and social interaction, with a poor interest in normal behaviours. Risperidone is frequently the medication used that is licensed by (FDA), it revealed encouraging and favorable initial relief of both communication skill and social interaction through family, teacher impression and clinical interview at scoring levels of severity by downward fluctuation of its drug administration started with low dose from 0.5 mg per day with gradual increase according to tolerability and body weight until reaching 3 mg per day in divided dose that shows no extrapyramidal side effects. They were 5 years ago and above examined in a private clinic in Nassiriya city in Iraq, all cases were presented by their families for odd, aggressive behaviours and communication problems, they were exposed for two scales in first and second session to diagnose autism by ASD assessment scale and severity of the disorder by ASD assessment scale grading and scoring, all patients were treated with Risperidone for one month duration exposed to the same steps in the second interview to reveal the improvement rate, comorbid and probable risk also re-evaluated. Descriptive tables were used to reveal all percentages before and after the treatment. All participating children families gave oral and written consent. All steps, diagnosis and drug side effects were discussed to parents with hotline connection with them. Typical antipsychotic Risperidone has magic and dramatic effects on controlling children overactivity, relatively verbal improvement and improves his acceptance to settle in the centre of autism and schools.


Positive effect Risperidone Autism Trial study Nassriya

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Hussain Hlail Wda’a Al-Sayyad. (2019). Positive therapeutic effects of Risperidone drug on autistic children (Trial Study) in Nassiriya city, Iraq. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(1), 484-488. Retrieved from