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A sensitive, selective and well validated spectrophotometric method using Tetrahydrofuran and Chloroform have been proposed for the determination of Atovaquone in pharmaceutical formulations which is widely used as antimalarial agent. The developed spectrophotometric method is simple, rapid, precise, accurate, reliable and economical when compared to other methods. The method was also applied for first and second derivative spectroscopy. The method shows better results in terms of accuracy, precision and linearity over a range of 20-100µg/ml for Tetrahydrofuran and 10-50 µg/ml for Chloroform. The limit of detection in Tetrahydrofuran and Chloroform are observed as 2 µg /ml and 5 µg/ml, the limit of quantification in Tetrahydrofuran and Chloroform are observed as 6 µg/ml and 15 µg/ml respectively. The %RSD is less than 2% in Chloroform and less than 1.5% in Tetrahydrofuran for precision. And the recovery is 99-101% in both the solvents. As a result the above method can be applied for bulk and finished product of Atovaquone.


Atovaquone Anti malarial Chloroform Tetrahydrofuran UV spectroscopy

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K.S. Sumanth, Jaya Lakshmi Kumari K, Sreelekha P, Chandana A, Sankar rao B, & Suresh CH.V. (2011). Development and validation of simple spectrophotometric, first and second derivative spectroscopy for estimation of Atovaquone in bulk and pharmaceu-tical formulations. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2(2), 261-265. Retrieved from