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aim of the study was to prepare and characterize buccoadhesive tablets of atenolol using different mucoadhesive polymers such as carbopol 971P, sodium alginate and HPMC K100M incombination. The bilayered buccoadhesive tablets were prepared by direct compression technology. The prepared tablets were evaluated for physicochemical parameters such as hardness, thickness uniformity, weight variation, surface pH and swelling studies. Also prepared tablets were evaluated for bioadhesive strength and in vitro drug release. In vitro bioadhesive strength studies showed that formulations containing combination of carbopol 971P and HPMC K100M were more bioadhesive than sodium alginate. In vitro dissolution studies revealed that all the formulations exhibited non-fickian release kinetics. The optimized formulations F1 and F5 showed 90% release in 8 hr in vitro dissolution studies.


Buccal drug delivery Atenolol carbopol 971P sodium alginate

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K. Panneer, S. Ramkanth, R. Thirumurugan, Kishore kumar, & S. Raji. (2011). Design and evaluation of buccoadhesive bi-layer tablet of atenolol. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2(2), 100-103.