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Proper home care brushing practices, regular visits to the dentist and routine dental check-ups will reduce the risk of having gingival and periodontal diseases. Various studies on oral hygiene suggest that when there is good oral health, the chances of having overall body health is more. In contrary, transgenders do not bother about their physical and oral health because of their lower socioeconomic status and inferior quality of life. To evaluate knowledge, attitude and practices on brushing habits among transgenders in Chennai city. The study was designed as a questionnaire survey, in the native languages of respective transgenders, which was answered by 96 transgenders of Chennai city. All the obtained data was entered on Microsoft excel sheet and analysed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS, IBM, USA) version 20. From the statistics, it can be well seen that 80% of the transgender Community brush only once per day. 36.7% of them brush 2 to 3 minutes, 56.7% of them brush according to the times they have. Nearly 83.3% of them never shows regular visit to the dentist and 16.7 % of them at least visit dentist only when they experience oral related problems.53.3% of the study group never use a tongue scraper. None of them was aware of any sorts of brushing practices like scrub method, roll techniques and smith methods. Also people weren't aware of electronic brushes too. The awareness towards brushing habits and care towards oral hygiene among transgenders is inadequate. Hence more oral health awareness programmes must be initiated to impart comprehensive oral care for transgenders.


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Akshaya K, Revathi Duraisamy, & Dhanraj Ganapathy. (2019). Knowledge, attitude, and practice on brushing habits among transgenders residing in Chennai City: Cross-sectional questionnaire Study. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(1), 460-466. Retrieved from