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The main aim of the present study was to evaluate the Pharmacokinetic profiles amoxicillin nanoparticles after oral administrations in rabbits. The sepia nanoparticles were prepared by using the controlled gellification process. In this research work different drug and polymer ratios were used. The prepared sepia nanoparticles were used for the determination of pharmacokinetics parameters such as Cmax , Tmax, AUC, absorption rate constant, Elimination rate constant and biological half life. The, pharmacokinetics parameters results were obtained viz. Cmax (8.6 µg/ ml), Tmax (39.25 hrs), AUC (130.58 µg / ml /hr), absorption rate constant (0.0069), Elimination rate constant (0.634) and biological half life (10.43 hrs). So by observing of all the pharmacokinetic parameters, we concluded that the prepared nanoparticles having the good pharmacokinetic profile


Pharmacokinetic parameters absorption rate constant amoxicillin sepia nanoparticles gellification method.

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S. Ramesh, D. Ranganayakulu, P. Ravikiran, C. Madhusudhana Chetty, & A. Sathya. (2010). Pharmacokinetics of amoxicillin loaded sepia Nanoparticles in healthy rabbits. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 1(3), 229-231. Retrieved from

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