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The current review focused on the Cutaneous Leishmaniasis and its Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment. To avoid this infection, the stockholders should consider dissemination of health awareness among citizens, especially from the rural population, to report and treat any injury, especially children, before the infection. And other population groups are the first way in monitoring and follow-up of this disease, which gives the public health authorities a practical perception about the disease mentioned and can identify the places where the spread of the disease in addition to coordination with the concerned authorities in order to activate the control factor and address the special causes directly behind the spread, Specialized doctors confirm that primary prevention begins with personal hygiene and care is a key factor in prevention.

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Hwaida Shakir Mustafa Al-Mahdawy. (2019). A review on cutaneous leishmaniasis and its causes, diagnosis and treatment. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(1), 425-428. Retrieved from