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Naturally occurring dietary components like Mentha piperita offer opportunities for development as effective radioprotective agents because of their potential low toxicity and therapeutic actions. The present investigation is an attempt to evaluate the radioprotective effect of Mentha piperita (Linn.) leaves on small intestine of Swiss albino mice exposed to gamma radiation. Mice were administered the optimum dose (100mg/kg/day) of 50% alcoholic extract of Mentha piperita (ALM) for three consecutive days prior to 6,8 ,10 Gy irradiation and autopsied at 1,3,7,14 and 30 day post irradiation to observe the histopathological changes in small intestine. The control group (irradiation alone), drug alone (ALM treatment at optimum dose) and normal group were run simultaneously. The results of histopathological studies did not show any changes in the normal histological structure of small intestine in the normal (Group I) and drug alone (Group II) at all the autopsy intervals. The control group (Group III) of animals exhibited marked histopathological lesions at all radiation doses (6, 8 and 10 Gy). The initial radiation damage was observed on day 1 and 3 which gradually recovered at later autopsy intervals. The histopathological lesions like sloughing and shortening of villi with shrunken stroma, suppressed mitosis, decreased number of normal epithelial cells and increased pyknotic cells were observed. The treatment of ALM prior to irradiation was found to be effective in suppressing the extent of radiation induced injury and promoted early recovery as compared to control as significantly higher number of mitotic figures, epithelial cells and goblet cell/crypt section was observed. The injury in terms of reduced villus height and pycknotic cell/crypt was also found to be significantly arrested in ALM treated group as compared to irradiation alone. It was evident that ALM pretreatment was able to reduce initial damage and stimulates early recovery in the post irradiation period in small intestine of swiss albino mice.


Mentha piperita Small Intestine histopathological lesion irradiation mice

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