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The present study is aimed at the effect of phenytoin induced differential regulation Crh gene in albino rat testis. The albino rats were divided into two groups, control and test .The test group was given 120mgs/kg /body weight of phenytoin orally and equal amount of normal saline was given for the control group. After 45 days with the rat under deep anaesthesia, the testis were removed from the scrotum and stored in liquid nitrogen. The stored specimens of testis of control and tests group were subjected to cDNA microarray analysis. This study showed the differential expression of test group when compared with the control group. The expression patterns of several genes differentially regulated which can be confirmed by qRT PCR to verify the results of the microarray analysis.


Crh gene epileptic seizure qRT PCR microarray analysis

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Rajkumar R, Vathsala Venkatesan, Sriram Thanigai, & Chidambaram R. (2013). Testicular corticotrophin releasing hormone gene expression of phenytoin treated Albino rats using qRT PCR Analysis. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 4(4), 532-536. Retrieved from