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Tuberculosis is one of the commonest infectious diseases, which affects lungs. In tubercular diseases, diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis is usually done by sputum examination for AFB. Pleural fluid biochemistry, cytology and pleural biopsy investigations are required for the diagnosis of extra pulmonary tuberculosis. Detection of AFB and its culture, histopathological study of a pleura is not desirable as they are time consuming. Advanced tests like ELISA and PCR are expensive. Adenosine deaminase screening test has been proposed to be a useful marker for pleural tuberculosis. In this study, levels of adenosine deaminase for early diagnosis of extra pulmonary tuberculosis along with its specificity and sensitivity have been evaluated and discussed.


Adenosine deaminase Pulmonary tuberculosis screening marker

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Swetha Garimella, Ramchander Merugu, & Archana A. Dharwadkar. (2013). Adenosine deaminase as a screening test for the diagnosis of tuberculous pleural effusion. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 4(3), 474-475. Retrieved from