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A high-performance thin-layer chromatographic (HPTLC) method has been established for simultaneous analysis of piperine, 18- beta glycyrrhetinic acid and 6- gingerol in ayurvedic proprietary formulation Suryacid tablet. TLC was performed on aluminum foil-backed silica gel 60F 254 plates with toluene: ethyl acetate: glacial acetic acid (7:3:0.1) as mobile phase. The plates were scanned and the compounds were quantified at their wavelengths of maximum absorption at 340 nm for piperine at Rf 0.48, 254nm for 18 beta- glycyrrhetinic acid at Rf 0.26 and 284nm for 6- gingerol at Rf 0.43 respectively. Calibration plots for all three standards were linear in the range of 0.2 µg/spot – 1.0 µg/spot. The polynomial regression data for the calibration plots were indicative of good relationships with r2 = 0.997, r2 = 0.991, r2 = 0.991 for piperine, 18 beta- glycyrrhetinic acid and 6- gingerol respectively. Average recovery was 95.88% for piperine, 96.72% for 18 beta- glycyrrhetinic acid and 96.91% for 6- gingerol. The method enabled simple, sensitive, precise, accurate, and specific analysis of all the three marker compounds in the formulation.


Piperine 18- beta glycyrrhetinic acid 6- gingerol ayurvedic proprietary formulation Simultaneous estimation

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Shruti H. Bhosale, & Sandhya Parmeswaran. (2013). Quantitative estimation of piperine, 18- beta glycyrrhetinic acid and 6- gin-gerol from Suryacid tablet formulation by HPTLC method. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 4(3), 453-459. Retrieved from