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The present investigation was aimed at developing Bendamustine-loaded poly (L-lactide) (PLA) based biodegradable microspheres by a double emulsion solvent evaporation technique which would have sustained release of the drug. The poly (L-lactide) (PLA) microspheres containing Bendamustine as a drug and evaluate the various physicochemical characteristics of the formulations, namely morphology, particle size, FTIR, Bendamustine encapsulation efficiency and In vitro Bendamustine release profile. Bendamustine-loaded microspheres were prepared by double emulsion solvent evaporation method with different Bendamustine, PLA ratios and at different speeds of homogenization keeping the amount of Bendamustine constant in all the formulations and different amount of salt (NaCl) concentrations Accelerated stability testing was performed with the optimized formulations for a period of two months. The mean particle size and encapsulation efficiency of the microspheres were found to decrease as the speed of homogenization increased and the encapsulation efficiency was increased with increase in salt (NaCl) concentration. The in vitro release study showed a slow and steady release pattern of Bendamustine. Thus a sustained release formulation of Bendamustine loaded PLA microspheres were developed.


Double emulsion Encapsulation efficiency Homogenization Poly (L-lactide) Salt concentrations

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Gollapally Madhu, Shobhan Babu T, Mallikharjun K, Lokesh T, & Venugopal Pyata. (2013). Formulation and evaluation of bendamustine hydrochloride poly (L-lactide) (PLA) microspheres. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 4(3), 386-390. Retrieved from