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Toxoplasma gondii parasite has three contagious stages: the oocytes, which is introduced into the external environment with the faeces of the infected cats, which later form the spores. The current study depended on detection of antibodies by using the serological tests such as latex, and rapid cassette testing are widely used to diagnose toxoplasmosis due to their ease of use and low cost, as well as the lack of time and effort required to perform them, the result of the test is shown after 3-5 minutes and depends mainly on efficiency and accuracy is one of the tests used in the epidemiological studies of toxoplasmosis in birds, in particular, local chickens and pigeons, the results of the rapid cassette test used to examine 80 samples of a serum taken from bird Passer domesticus showed that the total infection rate in this species of Toxoplasma gondii parasite was 71.25% with 57 positive samples out of a total of 80 samples. It was also observed that the presence of IgG antibody was (7.01%) with 4 positive samples while IgM antibody (5.26%) was positive (3 positive samples), the highest IgG + IgM antibody was 62.5% (50) , In the study of histopathological changes in Passer domesticus members, the presence of Lesions lesions associated with infection in both the liver and the small intestine was characterized by the presence of congestion in the blood vessels, as well as the expansion of the jibaniat with the loss of the engineering structure of the liver. In the tissue with a degenerative degeneration.


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Adel Jabbar Hussein, Hiba Riyadh Jameel Al-abodi, & Rana Imad Al_Mashhadany. (2019). A serological and histological study of Passer domesticus infected with Toxoplasma gondii parasite. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(1), 402-406. Retrieved from