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In India, there are roughly 30 million patients who suffer from heart diseases and two lakh surgeries have been performed every year. YOSPRALA- A new emerging drug approved by USFDA in September 2016 to treat Ischemic stroke, prophylaxis and gastric ulcer prophylaxis. In Yosprala the ingredients active is Aspirin which acts as an antiplatelet agent and omeprazole which acts a proton pump inhibitor, manufactured by Aralez pharmaceuticals Inc. yosprala is a delayed release, multi layered film coated tablet which consists of immediate release omeprazole layer surrounded by delayed release enteric coated aspirin tablet for administering orally. It is specifically indicated to patients who require aspirin to prevent secondary cerebrovascular and cardiovascular events and for the patients who are at a great risk of developing gastric ulcers associated by aspirin. Synthesis of prostaglandin and platelet aggregation can be inhibited by Aspirin. [H+/K+]-ATPase system of enzyme is inhibited by omeprazole which is responsible for gastric acid secretion present at the gastric parietal cell of secretory surface. An extensive survey of literature reveals that there is no analytical method has been reported yet for simultaneous estimation of aspirin and omeprazole by any analytical techniques.


Aspirin Aralez pharmaceuticals Anti-platelet agent Cerebro vascular cardiovascular events Omeprazole Proton Pump Inhibitor Yosprala USFDA

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Salomi Patta, Purushothaman M, & Satyanarayana S.V. (2017). Yosprala, A new emerging gold standard drug for prevention of secondary cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events-an overview. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 8(3), 467-475. Retrieved from