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Endophytic fungi apart from shedding light on the diversity on mitosporic fungi they are the reliable source of bioactive compounds. Several endophytic fungi isolated from different hosts produced valuable compounds which include alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenoids etc. Taxol is one of well anticancer compound produced by endophytic fungi of Taxus brevifolia. Hence, in the current study endophytic fungi isolated from Ficus plant was studied for their cytotoxic effect on human larynx cancer cell line (HEp2). Ethyl acetate extract of the fermentation broth of dominant endophytes such as Phomopsis sp., Curvularia lunata, Botryodiplodia theobromae, Colletotrichum gleosporioid., Aspergillus sp. and Dreschlera sp., were tested on human larynx cancer cell line (HEp2) using MTT assay. The IC50 value of the endophytic fungal extract effect were ranging between 50.87 to 91.01 and these results demonstrated that ethyl acetate extract of those endophytic fungi may act as a potent anticancer substance for drug development.


Aquatic plants antimicrobial tannins phenolic compounds alkaloids

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Ashwini S, Kalyanaraman Rajagopal, Maheshwari S, Vanitha V, Arulmathi R, Tuwar A, & Mohanasundaram S. (2017). Cytotoxic evaluation of endophytic fungal extract obtained through static fermentation against Human Larynx Cancer Cell Line (HEp2). International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 8(3), 439-441. Retrieved from