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Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) is a widely used OTC Analgesic, antipyretic medicine available as compressed tablets, suspension, and emulsion. It is also very commonly used for children and is available without a prescription. It is marketed and manufactured by a number of pharmaceutical companies worldwide. In the present study we randomly selected three brands of Paracetamol suspension (Brand X, Brand Y and Brand Z) used for Pediatric purpose. Further, various quality control tests of suspensions were performed like, Appearance, Sedimentation volume, Particle size determination, Drug content, Dissolution studies as per the official monographs B.P, U.S.P to evaluate & compare these three different brands. As a result was this study we found that all the three brands met the specifications laid down in the official monographs. They differ only slightly in terms of various quality control parameters, however brand Y had faster dissolution rate and drug content, its % drug release was more, its sedimentation volume was also higher reflecting better physical stability than the other two brands at the same time.


Dissolution studies Drug content Particle size determination Paracetamol suspension Pediatric use Quality control tests Sedimentation volume

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