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Oxidative stress and inflammation has been demonstrated in haemodialysis patients. Chronic renal failure is associated with hypertension, increased glycation of proteins, insulin resistance, proteinuria, cardiovascular diseases, anaemia, and hypothyroidism. In the present study we study the oxidative stress and haemodialysis, the role of inflammation. The present study was done at Fathima Institute of medical Sciences, Kadapa, India. 30 patients were who are under haemodialysis and 19 are normal healthy subjects were taken in this study. The present study shows that increase in oxidative stress markers and decreased antioxidant defence in HD patients, and inflammation plays a significant role in that. The factors age, iron over load, diabetes were not important factors in these patients. Our results suggest that the prevention and the treatment of inflammatory disease is of high priority in patients who are on HD.


Inflammation Lipid profile Oxidative stress TBARS Ubiquinol

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Salma Mahaboob R, & Prabhakar Reddy E. (2017). To study the oxidative stress in haemodialysis. Role of inflammation. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 8(3), 414-417. Retrieved from