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Oral mouth dissolving drug delivery system is considered to be an important alternative to the peroral route for the systemic administration of drugs, as it considered the most convenient, easy, safest route of administration. Mouth dissolving film may be preferred over the mouth dissolving tablets in terms of flexibility and comfort. The aim of this study is to formulate and characterize oral mouth dissolving film of paracetamol .Oral films were prepared by Solvent casting method using HPMC-E 15, PEG 400, glycerin, and other recipients. Films were evaluated for mechanical properties, disintegration time, and in- vitro drug release. The dissolution kinetics of optimized batch was applied to various dissolution models. The similarity factor (f2) between the optimized batch and marketed Tablet (Dispirit) was determined using the data obtained from the drug release studies. Optimized batch showed maximum in- vitro drug release 97.48% following zero order kinetics. The release exponent ‘n’ was found to follow Non- Fiction diffusion and may indicate that the drug release was controlled by zero order release.


HPMC-E15 Paracetamol Mouth dissolving film solvent casting method

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Wadher Kamlesh J, Umekar MJ, Sheikh Ghousiya Bano, Mohd Younus, Sapate Ruchika P, & Ansari Namuna Fatima. (2017). Formulation and characterization of pediatric paracetamol oral mouth dissolving film. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 8(3), 397-402. Retrieved from