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The study included the collection of 50 female vaginal specimens for the detection of vaginal trichomonas parasite infection by direct microscopy of the sample obtained by the female specialist doctor in primary health care centers in Al-Moalemeen neighborhood, Al-Jubairia first district and Samarra General Hospital in Samarra city, November 2017 Until January 2018, the samples were a group of women married to different age groups and different residential areas with symptoms ranging from lower abdominal pain to vaginal Secretions of various colors with heartburn and redness in the vaginal area The highest rate of infection according to the age recorded was from 26-35 to 52.6%, while the highest rate according to the residential area was in the city 39.5% and the highest rate of women who had previously had pregnancy was 61.9%. There was a relationship between the number of Abortion and parasite infection, and the highest rate was within 1-2 abortion by 58.3%. The symptoms of itching with abdominal pain and vaginal Secretions showed the highest rate of 77.7%. The results showed a high estrogen hormone and a low hormone LH, FSH compared to negative control.


Trichomoniasis Estrogen hormones LH FSH

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Ehoud Mzahim Shaker, Asifa Matrood Yassin Almaeahi, & Khaled Thamer Matar Al-Shaibani. (2019). Epidemiological study of Trichomoniasis with the effect of estrogen hormones LH and FSH among married women in Samarra city, Iraq. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(1), 372-377. Retrieved from