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In the process of respiration in the human body, inhales the oxygen and that is used for breaking down the sugars and carbohydrates into glucose. This in turn gets converted in to energy and blend in to the body. For the conversion the hormone named insulin in the blood stream plays the vital role. The pancreas is responsible for the secretion of insulin and not required quantity is secreted thee process of energy conversion face hurdle. This will increase the glucose level in the blood and also in urine. This is the key term for the work on finding the diseases. The main objective of this project is to detect Diabetes Mellitus (DM), Non Proliferative Diabetes Retinopathy (NPDR) and anaemia by comparing the tongue of the patient with the tongues samples of healthy individuals pre-loaded in the system. The features of the patient’s tongue are extracted and compared with the features of tongues datasets in the system. The human tongue is capable of indicating diseases based on its color, texture and orientation. By using this feature extraction an attempt is made to detect anaemia and also indicating the levels.


Anaemia colour DM NPDR texture Geometry

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Sujatha R, Aarthy S.L, Charulatha A.R, & Sasikala T.M.S. (2017). Detection of anaemia from Tongue Datasets by Image Processing . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 8(3), 311-314. Retrieved from