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A.niger-1 and A.ornatus showed 98.4 and 98.3 percent inhibition which were highest as compared to other fungi. Plate assay method appears to be the best and rapid method for the screening of tyrosinase inhibitors, as all isolates screened by plate assay has shown inhibition to partially purified enzyme. A.ornatus showed a strong positive reaction with Fecl3 test indicating that the compound is kojic acid which was separated by TLC with a standard kojic acid and the separated compound again showed 98.5% tyrosinase inhibition. A.niger -1 didn’t show any of the compounds tested and require a detail study. When the percent inhibition of synthetic kojic acid was compared with naturally screened and identified kojic acid, the percent inhibition was 91% with synthetic IC 50 1mM, where as it was 98.5% inhibition which is appreciable with natural kojic acid irrespective of the concentration. Thus, use of such natural products in cosmetics from microbial sources play a significant role as they can be produced in an economical way with no side effects.


Aspergillus ornatus kojicacid tyrosinase inhibition Tyrosinase

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Krishnaveni R, Prema Kulkarni, Rajashekhar N, Ashish Kumar Singh, Dattu Singh, Vandana Rathod, & Jasmine Mathews. (2017). Rapid screening and tentative identification of tyrosinase inhibitor from Aspergillus Ornatus. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 8(2), 270-276. Retrieved from