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Packaging pharmaceutical products is a wide, encompassing, and multi-faceted assignment. Packaging preserves the quality and stability of the pharmaceutical products and protects them beside all forms of tampering and spoilage. The quality of the packaging for pharmaceutical products plays a very significant role in the quality of such products. There is an ever increasing need to provide individual, tailored packaging solutions, which guarantees the effectiveness of pharmaceutical products administered as medicines. The pharmaceutical packaging market is constantly upgrading. Distribution of products and goods is now more global than ever before. Mass customisation of packaging to allow its use in multiple markets is a subject that needs explanation and discussion. Packaging is an evolving science, a developing engineering branch, and a successful contributor to pharmaceutical industries. The present research paper has analysed several of the recent pharmaceutical packaging innovation trends with the help of patent data, which are impacting the packaging industry.


Packaging Pharmaceutical prod-uct Innovation Patent data analysis

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Amitkumar Patel, Kinjalben Patel, Kalp Bhatt, & Jignesh Patel. (2019). Innovations in containers specially adapted for medical or pharmaceutical purposes: A prospective patent analysis. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(1), 355-366. Retrieved from