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This study aims to investigate the macroscopic, microscopic, physicochemical parameter, fluorescence, phytochemical screening and TLC analysis of the leaves of Schleichera oleosa (lour) Oken. The morphology, phytochemical screening, and fluorescence property of powdered sample were studied. The microscopic evaluation carried out based upon the O’Brien et al method. As per WHO guidelines other physicochemical standard parameters were also identified. The standardization parameters were carried out as per guidelines of Indian pharmacopeia. The ethyl acetate, ethanolic and aqueous extracts were taken for TLC profiling was carried out using a various solvent system of varying polarity. In the microscopic evaluation, leaflet showed an epidermal layer of the midrib comprises plano-convex cells with flat adaxial tangential walls, the vascular bundle is single circular and centrally placed and crystals of druses are abundant in the parenchyma cells. The extractive values, physicochemical limits such as total, acid-insoluble, water-soluble and sulphated ash values and moisture content of the leaf powder of S.oleosa were found to be 9.06 %, 7.16 %, 5.73 %, 13.5% and 5.21% respectively. The fluorescent features of leaf powder with various chemical reagents were analyzed under visible and UV radiation. A significant amount of phenolic and flavonoid content were observed. The phenolic (71.92±0.92 mg GAE/gm), flavonoid (9.69±1.38 mg QE/gm) contents were found rich in leaves. In TLC analysis extracts ensured the existence of high flavonoid content which matched with quercetin. The present data on the pharmacognostic investigation of the S.oleosa conveyed the qualitative and quantitative parameters assist the important info to the individuality and to determine the quality and pureness of the plant in the future. It also indicates the vital evidence of the closely related other species and varieties.


Fluorescence Extractive values Flavonoids phytochemical studies Phenolic compounds Physicochemical standards Rf values TLC

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