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Omeprazole which is one of the most prescribed PPIs was commonly use as a treatment for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), esophagitis, and in the treatment of H.Pylori infections. Then these granules either envelop within a capsule or compressed into tablets that differ in their efficiency of the coating. As our market was containing many brands of omeprazole brands that differ in their quality and efficiency of their coating, that to be investigated through this work by investigating their in-vitro stability within acidic media that equal to the acidity of the stomach measuring the in-vitro stability of the coating of omeprazole through placing the pellets of omeprazole in contact with an acidic solution having pH similar to that of the stomach and by using different brands of omeprazole that available at pharmacies from different origins. Out of 3 brands of omeprazole was used in this work the 3 brands show good stability when the pellets become in contact with the acidic solution there was no release of active ingredient while in alkaline media the active ingredients were starting to release. Availability of different brands of omeprazole in the Iraqi pharmaceutical market needs to be investigated in term of the stability of their enteric coating against acidic solution because most of this pharmaceutics exposed sometimes to extreme storage conditions in term of temperature and humidity that may inversely affect the in-vitro stability and then the therapeutic efficacy of these medications.


Omeprazole Enteric coating Acidic solution

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Layth Jabbar, & Afrah Thiab. (2019). Comparative study of in-vitro stability for the enteric coat of pellets of capsules of three different brands of omeprazole . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(1), 328-330. Retrieved from