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Schwann cell (SC), a vital component of the peripheral nervous system, functions in supporting neurons through the production of the myelin sheath. Current approaches are utilising in vitro cultured Schwann cells in transplantation therapy for demyelinating diseases. Despite the therapeutic potential of SCs, it is challenging to maintain the growth and proliferation of these cells in vitro due to several factors, including supplementation of calcium ion (Ca2+) for cell attachment. Thus, this study aimed to determine the effect of Ca2+ supplementation on SCs growth in vitro. SCs were isolated from rat’s sciatic nerve and were cultured in the following media: i) DMEM D-valine + 1.8 mM Ca2+; or ii) DMEM D-valine + 5.0 mM Ca2+. Cell attachment was observed in both groups. Findings of this study demonstrated that at day 20 of culture, 90% of cells attachment was observed in a culture dish containing DMEM D-valine + 1.8 mM Ca2+. However, limited attachment was seen in DMEM D-valine + 5.0 mM Ca2+ within the same period of observation. The cultured cells were subjected for immunocytochemistry analysis with Schwann cells protein marker, s100b. The cultured cells for both groups were positive for the expression of S100b. In conclusion, a high concentration of Ca2+ prevented cell attachment and cellular growth by interfering with the state of cell electrolyte, thus resulted in the damage of the cell plasma membrane.


Calcium supplementa-tion Cell attachment Peripheral nerve Schwann cells culture

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