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Colonoscopy is a preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic safe procedure. Its results influence a patient's life and outcome. To estimate the extent and main determinants of abnormal colonoscopic finding among adults attended to colonoscopic centre and assessed the validity of colonoscopy of clinical and pathological findings of colonoscopy. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23 was used for data analysis. Chi-Square test, and binary logistic regression analysis P value (0.05) was a cut-off point for measuring statistical association where less than (0.05) had a significant statistical association. the colonoscopic findings were as follow the normal (42.7%), internal hemorrhoid (27.5%), nonspecific inflammation (12.9%), polyp (11.2%), inflammatory bowel disease (3.9%), colorectal cancer (3.4%), and other diseases (3.9%) Some patients had more than one abnormality. The histopathological result of colonoscopic biopsies which were as follow non- specific inflammation (64.2%), colorectal cancer (15.4%), and inflammatory bowel disease and polyp the same percent (10.2%). There was a significant statistical association between age groups and specific diseases. Bleeding per-rectum is a pig predictor sign of lower gastrointestinal problems, and it is the mean cause of referral. According to site of the lesion: colonic polyp (45%), sigmoid polyp (30%), and rectal polyp (25%). While the distribution of carcinoma according to the site of location. Carcinoma of sigmoid (50%), carcinoma of colon (33.3%), and carcinoma of rectal (16%). Sigmoid represent the most common site of occurrence of carcinoma. The sensitivity of colonoscopy 100% while the specificity was 50%. Colonoscopy is 100% sensitive in diagnosis lower GIT problems. The most common cause of referral was bleeding per-rectum, and the most abnormal finding was an internal haemorrhoid


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Wejdan Ajeel Hassan, Ali A Saadoon Al-Ghuzi, Faez k Abdulmuhsen, & Sadiq Jarallah Yassin. (2019). Colonoscopic and histopathological finding among adults attendant to Al Hussein teaching hospital colonoscopic centre. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(1), 274-281. Retrieved from