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Gracilis muscle is type II muscle flap. Total 16 cases were operated on with Gracilis muscle or myocutaneous flap. Group A – loss of scrotal skin following Fournier’s gangrene. Group B - Traumatic avulsion of the scrotal skin, Group C – Anal incontinence following Surgical repair of imperforate anus. Group D – Carcinoma penis operated for total amputation of the penis. Amputation of the penis. All the patients from Group A did well except for necrosis at the margin of the flaps in two patients. In Group B patient did well without any complication in Group C Three out of five patients did well. Two patients were still incontinent. In Group D, the first patient had a good flap for seven days. Later there was discolouration and on a ninth day, there was complete discolouration of the skin pedicle. Debridement was done, the muscle underneath was viable. A split-thickness skin graft was applied. The graft takes up was good. Within 10 days the muscle contracted too much an extent that the size of the phallus became almost nil.


Gracilis muscle and myocutaneous flap Carcinoma penis imperforate anus

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Ajitsingh P. Chadha, Nehadeepkaur Chadha, & Khirsagar A. Y. (2021). Gracilis Muscle and Myocutaneous Flap. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 863-867.