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Vaccinations are given to healthy people to prevent specific diseases which are proven tool of public health. Nowadays lot of hesitant movement are active around the globe. Application of system thinking should be adopted to solve this complex phenomenon. The objective is to study the barriers and solutions of Immunization enlisted by Policy makers and administrators at Malappuram district, Kerala, South India. Descriptive qualitative method was the design espoused in this study. Free listing is the technique adopted to enlist barriers and solution at Malappuram district. The data was analysed using Visual Anthropac software. Further barriers and solutions of immunization was enumerated on basis of descending order of Smith S value. Causal loop diagram was used to depict complex phenomenon regarding barriers of immunization. The policy makers and administrators had solicited barriers as Religious belief, antivaccine lobby, negative propaganda by alternative systems and ineffective logistic management. The main solutions set forth to break barriers were strengthening Information Education Communication (IEC), bring in behavioural change communication and adopt policy reforms. The study determined by conscripting community and health system enabled barriers, with solutions for it encompassing global networking, engaging various stakeholders and applying system approach for health system strengthening. 


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Kanniyan Binub, Govindarajan P K, Sheela P Haveri, Jisha Nahar Musthafa, & Mohammed Muneersha TK. (2021). Enactment of System Thinking Framework for Convolution of Immunization Service Governance. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(1), 849-856.